Life Choices

  • Reduce anxiety in the most important years.
  • Keep the family aligned.
  • Reduce regret.

This is a program that helps young people and their families navigate the crucial years from mid-teens through mid-twenties, with the goals of reducing regret and uncertainty while increasing a sense of purpose and direction.

We put so much pressure on young people to achieve that this pressure ripples down through high school and below, and reverberates up and past the college years.

Reducing uncertainty will lead to a corresponding reduction in anxiety. Increasing a sense of purpose and of direction will assist with decision-making because it will provide a frame for moving forward.

We work with the entire family and interested parties to ask and answer difficult but important questions about money, experiences, expectations and values.

We gather information, and track this information over time and provide support, because so often young people pass through the time of life that may determine how much of the rest of their life goes with too little information - information that is available but sometimes uncomfortable to obtain.

This is a proprietary three-stage process where we 1) establish intentions and approach this crucial time accordingly 2) ask hard questions and have sensitive conversations that yield essential information for decision making and 3) set a course of life that ensures actions are in line with values.

Please contact me for a detailed description of this program.