Work Through Your Relationship Issues

Get couples therapy in El Segundo, CA and surrounding areas

Most couples deal with hard times and communication problems. It can be easy to focus on your problems alone and forget to communicate with your partner. Tom Andre Counseling can help.

Couples therapy could be the solution your relationship needs. When life becomes more complicated and problems arise, I can help you work through these issues.

While my office is based in El Segundo, CA, I'm currently working as an online therapist and offer couples therapy to clients throughout Hermosa Beach & all of California. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

Learn more about my therapy process

Working with me in person and through teletherapy can be beneficial for everyone involved. When you visit or schedule an online session, you'll:

  • Discuss your stresses
  • Listen to your partner's needs
  • Discuss solutions that fit both of you

The right conversations and ideas can change your life. Schedule a teletherapy session today to get started with couples therapy.